Your guide to getting started in Onwardly

Welcome to Onwardly, you've made an first important step to becoming a security superhero. 🦸‍♀️ There are a few key steps to completed in your first 90 days that will help you achieve success with your security and privacy programs.

Your first 90 days

Logging in to Onwardly. You should have received an invite via email to log in to Onwardly - you can log in here:

Onwardly dashboard


The Onwardly dashboard is the hub of your security and privacy programs. Once you have taken the assessments, your current scores will be displayed here along with the next steps you need to take to improve your score. On the left of the page, you'll see the tabs that take you to the tasks and resources that you'll be using as part of your security and privacy programs.

For more information about these tabs, check out our support pages for each:

Invite your team

Security is a team sport! Invite 2-3 other co-workers to help you collaborate and track progress on your program of work. This is your new Risk and Governance group. Don't skip this step - the best companies do this together as a team. Meet once a month or every few weeks to review progress.

Learn how to Manage your team

Run the assessment

Whether you're running Security, Privacy or both - it's critical to first run the assessment so you can understand your current gaps and generate a program of where to focus next.

This can take ~30 minutes - so set aside some time and go through the questions. If you don't know the answer to a question, just leave it blank or even skip the whole section.

See: Taking the security assessment

See: Taking the privacy assessment

Review your next steps

Once your assessment is done, you should have a program of work to follow and focus on next. This is where your team comes in:

1. Review your next steps

2. Plan who will do the work, and when it can be done by

3. Report on progress. Your whole team can see the status of the tasks at any time.

Rinse and repeat

Ongoing success with Onwardly requires a diligent effort to keep doing the things required. Onwardly makes it easier to do this long-term, but it's critical that you and your team are regularly reviewing and planning the next steps. Security is never finished - and as your organisation grows and changes - your needs will change with it.